Spirit Stores


Check out a few of our stores by clicking on the images below. The links are live stores – you’re welcome to compare.
Spirit Store - Catty Football
Spirit Store - Quakertown Swim
Spirit Store - VPCC

Let us take care of your team’s online store. Our solution is better. It’s simple, it’s free (in fact it makes $$ for your organization), and it’s hassle-free. Payments are processed online (you don’t have to worry about collecting $$ from each family), and we organize each order individually and deliver them all together to your club’s location. What can be better than that?

I’ll tell you what…we offer thousands of products and dozens of brands to choose from. You control everything. You select the styles offered, you choose the colors offered, and, of course, you decide which logos to use and where they go. No minimums, and each item can be personalized with players names and numbers. We also have an amazingly talented design staff that can help create your team logos – also FREE!! And our decorating quality is GREAT!!

Better yet, compared to our competition, our prices are 20%, 30% and even sometimes 50% less. That’s crazy!! Yeah, they offer a bunch of goofy designs like “Soccer Wife,” but isn’t a consistent team look better?? We’re confident you’re going to love our solution.

Tee Shirts & Performance Tees • Hoodies & Fleece • Team Uniforms • Outerwear • Headwear • Totes & Bags